Best 3 dating apps to meet Russian wife online

International marriage: real examples

Top list of Russian dating apps and why they lead

No. 3. RussianCupid

No. 2. LovePlanet

No. 1. Brilic

How to court a Russian bride online and offline


International marriage: real examples

Ever wanted to have a hot Russian girlfriend or wife? This idea is very popular in the west and across the world. Someone worships Russian beauties, others criticize them, but they’re so desirable.

It became common to search for a Russian mail order bride online. It has been more challenging a decade ago, when all dating sites were formed and ruled by local agencies.

Some of them were well-organized and effective while others recalled some kind of mafia. Luckily, today many dating apps exist that have nothing to do with the agencies.

Russian women do not need to be additionally encouraged anymore, they are sincerely interested to meet a foreigner, stay committed, and completely change their Russian wife online

Why would they want someone so different from their own culture? The paranoid version says they just want a Green card. But girls themselves give another explanation.

The smartest and most talented of them can live pretty well in Russia, probably travel once a year. But they confess that exploring the world with a western partner is a completely new level.

Many of them admit they want this new level for their future kids as well, not only for themselves. For the majority of people in Russia, it’s hard to provide a child and give him future.

A talented child in America has more chances for a personal growth than in Russia, as to retired people, they live way better too. So Russian women aren’t that short-minded in their motives.

The most serious and mature ones realize they will have to work hard just like their western partner, in order to establish this good stable future and take care of today needs.

In fact, many young women don’t mind to work as waitresses, au pairs, or junior office workers when they come to the USA, while older women clean in the hotels or do other simple work.

There are stories when women remained housewives in marriage but succeeded to start a new profession and then a little business when their American husbands left them.

So, dating experts reassure us that fears connected with Russian brides remain only fears, while in reality these unique women make wonderful partners, very helpful and loyal.


Top list of Russian dating apps and why they lead

Russia is growing technically progressive and there is a tendency among local inhabitants to use the most innovative gadgets the dating market can offer. They even take the bank credits for that.

It makes Eastern Europe the second gadget-obsessed region in the world, after some Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. For sure, they use dating apps a lot, too.

Just a decade ago, by statistics, Russian women didn’t trust to dating sites and online acquaintances at all. But today, the level of trust has considerably increased.

It was unavoidable since hundreds or local and international couples who met on the Internet, are raising children already. Dating apps became a big part of Russian people’s life.russian women dating app

Doesn’t matter from where the girl is, from the capital or a small village, she has a smartphone and several dating apps on it. All girls don’t mind to meet a foreigner.

Although it would be too imaginative to say that all of them can be committed enough to get married, relocate, and remain faithful, there is a big percent of potentially great wives in Russia.

Because of unstable economical situation, severe climate, men’s bad habits, and many other factors, girls are willing to eventually change the country of living.

Russian women have a particular type of mentality that allows them to analyze dating platforms differently and trust some of them basing on their own principles.

No. 3. RussianCupid

This app isn’t free, and isn’t pay-per-letter either. It’s membership-based and Russian girls trust its quality. The name of the owner, Cupid Media, is well-known in a dating world.

Because of its modern design, good reviews, and high rating, women do expect to meet a decent western man on this app. Many of them use it actively on their devices.

No. 2. LovePlanet

This application is meant for local affairs too, not obligatory for international ones. Russian women normally use it for both purposes, so men’s competition there is a bit bigger.

Only its paid version allows to fully exchange messages and enjoy other features so girls know it is for generous men who aren’t trying to save money on free dating.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic is gradually becoming number one dating app in Eastern Europe, meaning all post-Soviet countries. It is happening thanks to a smart self-advertisement and quality of services.

Its popularity among Russian women is partially explained by informative and entertaining dating blog in Russian that a platform offers. But a vast database of real users matters as well.


How to court a Russian bride online and offline

Russian women who are a wife material, expect courtship, and they are quite old-fashioned in that. They need to be complimented, taken out to nice places, presented some gifts.

Dating apps and sites usually suggest the gifts delivery option, so it’s easy to court a Russian girl online and confirm your serious intentions by showing she’s really special.

By the way, do not be fooled, it’s traditional for Russian culture to present flowers, sweets, teddy bears, perfumes, heart-shaped stuff, but that’s a maximum. You should know that.

Bigger presents such as very expensive shoes, boots, fur coats, laptops, and so on, are usually presented to actual wives, not to girlfriends. It’s suitable for sugar baby dating, not for a courtship.

In terms of courting your lady, and manifesting your attitude, it is not recommended to express too practical thinking which is often typical for western and European men.

Some of them are openly saying that flowers are a waste of money because they cannot be eaten, SPA procedures are a waste of money because chocolate masks don’t help to be beautiful.

Others even manage to mention that an engagement ring is cheaper to buy in Russia than in England, for example. But it sounds very short-minded and hurting to Slavic women’s ears.

In their culture, being that practical in areas connected with emotions and relationships, is equal to being spiritless and heartless. You can do the thing which is right for you, but silently.

But if a man comments his thrifty actions during the courtship, he kind of shows to a girl that she is second best, so she will never be worthy of true pampering and app in Eastern Europe

At the same time, the low-budget courtship is more than possible in Russia and Ukraine, hundreds of western men practice it successfully, just the smartness and empathy are needed.

There is a saying in Russian language, feeding somebody with breakfasts. Well, it’s a part of mentality, so Russian women allow their men to use this tricky strategy. You should try it too.

For example, you can say, that you two will find a way to support a girl’s parents when you get married and she relocates. The same about your future child’s prestigious schooling, or travelling.

Finding a way is a normal process of solution search many couples are going through for years. So when a man says that, it’s not exactly a promise, it’s just a calming talk.

Surprisingly, it works on all Eastern European women, and they forgive a modest today hoping for a better tomorrow.

Actually, many of them are simple and down-to-earth, except for very spoiled businesswomen and rich parents’ kids. So one has nothing to worry about, he just needs to chose his words wisely.

Having a Russian wife means having the best friends and the hottest lover beside, who is always ready to listen, support, give warmth, and go through the thick and thin together.

So it’s really worthy of one’s efforts and the process of learning, which certainly will be mutual since a Russian bride need to adapt to a man’s environment and values as well.

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