How to introduce yourself on Tinder in the best way

Self-introduction on Tinder consists of several parts, from the photos to bio and the first messages. Experts say, the photo effect is very strong but after matching, all the rest matters as well.

  • Keep your photos sexy but not vulgar. Tinder differs from other adult dating apps with its decent attitude and atmosphere. A person will skip your pictures if they’re vulgar.
  • The bio should be short and positive. No one expects you to list your professional or sportive rewards on Tinder. Keep it simple and down-to-earth, yet fun and smart.
  • First message should be unique. More information about apps on hookup apps. Imagine how many standard messages people get on Tinder hourly. Make a difference and write smth sweet and complimenting, not usual.
  • The kinky side should be there. If you just play a good guy or a good girl on Tinder, it will be boring. Have a courage to present your kinky sides in the bio and in messages.
  • Readiness to meet is attractive. If it’s uncertain whether you want to meet the soonest, you might be suspected to be a scammer or a catfisher. Prove you’re determined.

6 thoughts on “How to introduce yourself on Tinder in the best way

  1. Craig Reply

    Online dating sites and apps aren’t the best places to meet women.

  2. Rosalie Reply

    There is no limit to the competition in bars and online dating sites.

  3. Barber Reply

    In fact, the party girls aren’t the best candidates for a relationship.

  4. Woods Reply

    While online dating sites like Tinder are convenient, swiping left or right on a woman’s photo is superficial.

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