Hook up Russian wife non-stop, a full tutorial

Marrying a Russian girl: why is it cool?

Men, in general, marry for other reasons than women. Who wants a cook or a maid nowadays, when such a person can be hired for pennies, plus such things can be done by men’s hands?

Let’s be honest, children aren’t modern men’s first priority either. By statistics, a big part of western men got unplanned kids in their youth, and another big part prefers not to have children.

These facts and priorities affect the process of international dating as well, including search for a Russian wife or girlfriend. She is rarely meant to become future babies’ mother.

In other words, Russian women are in high demand as short-term and long-term lovers, travel companions, and low-budget wives with a perspective or neverending honeymoon.

Yes, it’s all about Russian beauties. They are able to make anyone’s life brighter and prolong his youth for decades. And who doesn’t want to get a second chance with a hot woman’s help?russian hookup app

Marriage with Eastern European girl differs from western men’s previous experiences a lot. Many report it gave them the feeling of being a teenager again, romantic and horny 24/7.

But why isn’t the same effect possible with other popular types of women, such as Latin American, Asian, or African? Russian women’s intellect and education are on the highest level.

It’s always more pleasant to have a smart lover and wife. It brings double pleasure if she is imaginative in a bed, resourceful in a daily life, understands things before you even explain.

As they say, smart is a new sexy. That’s probably why Russian women are the most popular brides in the world, although many other nationalities can be considered equally attractive.


Daily and all-night life with a Russian wife

Although basic housewife’s duties aren’t required by modern men anymore, in fact, Russian women miss them a lot and feel bad without doing household chores.

It’s so natural for them to be tidy, make sure everything is well-organized and cosy at home, cook amazing Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarus meals like true chefs.

If their husband if well-provided, they gradually learn to give up constant cooking and cleaning though since their man takes them out for lunch and dinner regularly.

But what Russian girls can’t give up is their imaginative mind. Their American husbands often admit they could never experiment that much with women from other parts of the world.

Such a freedom in intimacy cannot be experienced with western women either. It is sadly known that they prefer to use the modern sexual freedom only in a selfish way.Hook up Russian wife

While a Russian wife is a perfect switch between submission and domination, she finds sex in public very romantic and exciting, and she puts her husband’s pleasure on the first place.

There are some funny yet negative stereotypes about wives who don’t care at all about their husbands’ happiness. Stories about a constant headache are among them.

But, a Russian wife would never allow such a small thing as headache or other kind of ache, prevent her from making love. Quite the opposite, these women think sex can heal anything!

Another negative stereotype about ignorant wives is their habit to walk in a messy home dress at home, with hair curlers on their heads. As to Russian women, they are too classy for that.

Many of them keep on looking glamorous even in the bedroom or the kitchen. It’s rather typical for them to walk on high heels at home than being scruffy and messy.

It sounds too seductive to be true, but thousands of success stories confirm Russian wives are the sexiest partners a western man could ever hope to find. He just needs to know how to search.


The difference between Russian hookup girls and wife material

Some men want to have fun in Russia and others want to marry for life. None of them wants to chose the wrong girl who wouldn’t serve their needs properly. So the wisdom is needed.

For sure, all girls in Eastern Europe are too model-looking to expect much innocence from them. There is always someone on a horizon. It can be too challenging for a jealous type of men.

Of course, by taking her away to your country, you cut off all local competitors and pretenders, but it’s about her own attitude. Would she cheat in the US just to have some diversity?

Dating experts are calming us down: they reassure there are ways to indicate the loyal kind of person on the early stage of acquaintance, as more as Russian wives tend to be one-man  women.

All the information is hidden, or encoded, in her biography. By asking simple questions, sometimes as a brief questionnaire, sometimes in frames of natural dialogues, one can reveal the truth.

  • Her family is a pattern for her. If her parents are still together, they didn’t cheat in the past, or they’re devoted Christians, it’s a strong guarantee of her own loyalty.
  • Decent girls make long breaks between sex partners. When did she have her last relationship? If she doesn’t change her answer each time you ask, she’s ok.
  • Who usually initiates the breakups in her life? If it’s always her, she may do the same to you. If the guys did it, the question raises what all of them disliked about her?
  • What does she enjoy in sex? What are her fantasies about? It’s better for you if her answers are modest. It’s easier to turn a nun into a whore than vise-versa.
  • What turns her on about you? If she starts flattering you with sweet and naughty words like crazy, she’s probably a game player. Accept only balanced and sincere answers.
  • Did she ever make revenge on her boyfriend in the past if he cheated on her? Not every girl will answer honestly, but at least you’ll see her typical first reactions.

The list can be longer, but you’ve got the common idea. It’s up to you whether you’ll know your chosen one’s personality deeply enough, prior to getting married. Do not skip the analysis.

about Russian beauties

How to remain desirable for your Russian wife

Intimate life in a family is a two-way road, so one shouldn’t put all the responsibility on a woman only. Russian girls differ from western ones, and they require a different treatment.

If you are together just for a few months, and especially for a few weeks, do not expect a Russian woman to jump on you just because you were a good guy and you deserved sex.

Their mentality doesn’t allow them to be very straightforward in sex, and all of them believe in a sweet courtship period when a man conquers them every day, like a knight.

It includes going out together, then a long foreplay, then slow passionate love making. If she’s an older woman, and she is getting a bit tired in the evening, she wants some massage too.

Only when you’re already a stable couple, some stages can be skipped or replaced. She knows it’s her duty now to keep you interested, and uses a famous Russian imagination.

But again, western men shouldn’t get too passive next to such a hot wife. She definitely needs you to be neat, well-groomed, perfumed, at least a little bit sportive, and attentive.

In other words, one cannot stay in front of TV with the beer for the whole day, and then complain to friends his Russian wife lost sexual interest in him. She is there, waiting for you!

Life with a Russian beauty can be full of adventures, surprises, unique moments, and excitement. One just needs to stay awake and use all the opportunities or potential he has.


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