Do guys remember past hookups like girls do, and get sentimental

There is a saying, girls use sex to get love and guys use love to get sex. But it’s interesting enough that men often happen to get sentimental over sex, rather than over love.

It is especially noticed when they are very young or nearly senior. The memories about past hookups replace the vivid reality and raises the touching feelings.

“Hookups are called to be purely casual, but one of my one-night-stands was simply unforgettable”, Steven shares. “Maybe because it took place during the vacation.

I had been to Sint Maarten, one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands with spectacular beaches. I hookuped with the Russian girl for hookup and she looked like a top model.

Today, when I’m almost 40 these sexy memories are warming me up. Just one night on a beach was hot and beautiful enough to keep me self-confident as a man.

None of my lasting relationships ever gave me the same feeling. Many of them were discouraging and trivial. That’s why I love visiting the paradise-like places for hookups.

It remains with you forever and raises positive vibes in you each time you recall”.



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