Russian wife vs American wife: myths and the truth

Why to seek marriage in Russia?

Russian brides from the time machine

How to find a genuine Russian bride online

Detecting the most committed Russian woman



Why to seek marriage in Russia?

Dating and marrying Russian women is already a pattern, but some western men keep on wondering whether these Slavic beauties are really better than American wives.

This curiosity and even fear is understandable since divorces in the US are ones of the most stressful in the world. No one wants to repeat the same experience with an Eastern European stranger.

But, all dating experts are confident in their answer: there’s no comparison, because Russian wives happened to be fraudulent only several times, while American wives are stably awful.

It isn’t always about women themselves, although the feminist movement in the west made girls’ characters simply unbearable. It’s mostly about infamous American laws.Russian wife

They are known to always be on a woman’s side, even if her cheating or other misbehaviour are proven. Men are losing the fortune due to the division of property and alimonies.

Actually, exactly after such a ripoff in a court many decide to bring a new wife or girlfriend from a poorer country, to make sure her expectations are low, demands are modest, and she’s genuine.

The Philippines and Russia or Ukraine are leaders in divorced westerners’ list, although some Latin countries could compete with them. But, Russian type of beauty beats any competition.

It’s really a classical and classy type that reminds of American women’s beauty of the old times. Once upon a time, they were that soft, stylish, feminine, and smiling as well.

Maybe this hidden nostalgia of western men makes Russian girls so special in their eyes. In a combination with practical purposes, searching a low-budget wife, it creates such a huge popularity.


Russian brides from the time machine

Eastern European women indeed have looks, values, character, and attitude like if they were from the past. Maybe, we have to be thankful to the former communistic regime for that.

Despite all its flaws and even scary sides, it seemed to preserve idealistic qualities in people for long years, especially in women. This effect still lasts, although Russian society is so westernized.

Women may wear jeans and T-shirts with Mickey Mouse or Beyonce, but that’s all they adopted from American pop culture for now. Tattoos and piercing are still very rare.

Russian and Ukrainian women prefer not to lose their cute and sexy looks. When they want a serious reputation at work or in their business, they switch to business suits yet with a lot of sex appeal.American wife

They do not turn to rude men with short hair and muscles like American or German businesswomen do. Also, they usually have a huge assortment of dresses for all cases.

Although sportive shoes gradually become a part of Russian everyday reality, high heels aren’t losing their positions either, and it seems to never happen.

Moreover, although bright colors of clothes are preferred in Ukraine and Russian women wear something grey on a daily basis, they do have red and sexy black dresses in their wardrobe.

On a top of that, Russian girls do not sleep in messy pyjamas, it’s typical for them to use amazing transparent babydoll nightgowns instead able to turn on any man in his right mind.

We are not saying the clothes tell everything about a woman, her character, and lifestyle, but who would deny it definitely reflects her mood, habits, and values? It creates the atmosphere.

After all, don’t western men miss exactly this kind of femininity in women? Being tender and subtle, well-groomed, perfumed, sweet… is what we definitely do not receive from American wives anymore.

The majority of men aren’t interested to have children with their Russian spouse, they either want careless travelling or have too many responsibilities for their own children already.

That’s why they usually cannot enjoy another feminine and nostalgic side of Russian women, their motherhood. They are wonderful mothers, just like old American movies depict.

When you see a smiling housewife on a pack of the corn flakes you know it’s just a fake imagine. But Russian women have this idyllic side for real, they are just perfect homemakers.

Nowadays, western men aren’t really going to reveal and appreciate all facets of Russian girls’ personality, but even as modest travel companions and hot lovers, Slavic females serve well.


How to find a genuine Russian bride online

Because of natural doubts and the lack of knowledge of Russian mentality, some men panic after just a few attempts to find a mail order bride. But it’s so easy not to fail in this search.

The very first step to make is choosing the right dating app or site. Both free dating sites and pay-per-letter dating apps can work, but for quicker results, it’s better to avoid them.

There are too many low-quality girls and scammers on free Russian dating apps, as to pay-per-service sites, they are filled with the agency girls who happen to be corrupted and tricky.marriage in Russia

That’s why dating experts consider such platforms a bit risky, although the ones with lots of proven success stories shall be of better help. Yet there is a more effective category.

Middle-priced membership based apps and sites are called the best option for meeting a marriage-minded girl. It makes sense to use them for this purpose, because things are logical.

Future wives know that men pretenders on such sites aren’t jobless or broke, they are able to pay at least monthly for dating services. It gives more guarantees they’ll afford the tickets and visa.

Genuine brides in Russia are also aware that qualitative dating apps administrators will be checking their IDs, the sincerity of their correspondence, legitimacy of their photos, and more.

They do value the independence of actions during the dating process on such platforms though, because no one likes to be the local agency’s puppet, even for some reward.

Therefore, one shall certainly find a sincere Russian bride online on a paid, subscription-based dating app rather than on risky and messy free platforms ruled by bots and catfishers.

Another aspect of search is choosing among the girls’ profiles. It’s a fact that men frequently do not realize what exactly they should notice or prioritize while surfing the profiles.

Let’s start from a girl’s photos. The best is when a woman provides 5 – 6 profile photos at least, not just one or two of them. The main photo should be of high quality and some others – casual.

What makes us say that? If all photos are highly professional, it can mean a girl is a professional dater and she knows how to attract many pretenders by her glam looks.

On another hand, if all photos are casual, it can either mean the photos are stolen by someone from a girl’s social network or she doesn’t consider her search important enough.

A woman who respects her search and her future partner, will find a way to make and post her very best photo by any means. It’s one of the signs of her serious intentions.

But, she’ll accompany them with casual medium-quality photos as well, since a genuine Russian girl realizes men want to see her with less makeup, on a background of her daily life.


Detecting the most committed Russian woman

A woman’s wish to find a husband at the moment of signing up on a dating site isn’t enough to consider her trustworthy and reliable. Firstly, the purposes of her search can vary a lot.

In the US, life is stable enough and social guarantees are good, so women rarely get married for a survival or having in mind some fraudulent scheme. But girls from poorer countries can.

To avoid such unpleasant discoveries, a man should analyze a Russian woman’s life situation and make sure she doesn’t have wrong reasons for getting married. It has to be checked in advance.amercian russian women

It’s healthier to marry someone more or less equal, with some job, good education, lots of supportive relatives, instead of someone totally helpless and dependent.

If a girl sacrifices some achievements of hers to be with a man, she’ll appreciate their togetherness more. Girls who sacrifice nothing and go with the flow, take the relationship for granted.

When it’s understood with her primary purposes, make sure she isn’t too changeable by nature. If she seems serious at the beginning, but quickly gives up, that’s too bad.

Basically, with these two factors you’ll easily test your chosen one and clear it up whether she is worthy of your attention, time, money, feelings, and other resources you are spending.


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